Kampong Chicken House chain launched new brand identification

Kampong Chicken House launched new brand recognition

The Kampong Chicken House restaurant system has changed the old logo into a new one, which keeps the stylized golden K, together with the signature chicken head symbol below.

This is the first time Kampong Chicken House made a change of its brand recognition after 6 years of establishment and development. The event is part of the brand’s periodic facilitation to always keep a fresh image in customers’ eyes.

The new brand recognition was designed in a modern, simpler style but still successfully retained its identity and impressiveness. Specifically, the 3-color old logo of yellow, red and black with the words “Kampong Chicken House” was replaced by the new logo with only the letter K in stylized golden color, attached by the characteristic chicken head symbol below.

“This change is in line with the brand’s future development orientation towards simplicity, familiarity, friendliness in services and product quality,” a representative of Kampong Chicken House shared.

The old logo was replaced by a new one, simpler but more impressive with the letter K attached by the characteristic chicken image that increased the market identification value.

The restaurant signages were simplified to showing only the prominent Kampong word on the dark green background, instead of the previous dark gray color. The slogan “Fresh Chicken, Best Taste” remained the same but under a more notable font.

According to Kampong Chicken House, the drak green color would become the key color used in the design of restaurant space, or media publications. This is the color that represents the brand’s vision, which is always towards building smoke-free, environmentally friendly “Green” restaurants. Limiting the use of single-use plastic products in the restaurant chain is also a significant shift in this direction.

Kampong’s new look with new colors and logos from the outside and inside of the restaurant.

In terms of dining space, Kampong still keeps its inherent openness and comfort with warm, close yellow lights, and decoration style is simple but not monotonous.

Besides the visual identity, Kampong also introduced menu innovations. In particular, the à la carte menu was refreshed with new images, more focused on dishes so that customers can choose more easily, and new dishes were added.

The dishes at Kampong Chicken House are prepared with limited spice to show respect to the food authenticity and ingredients’ freshness, delivered with close and friendly service style.

The representative of Kampong Chicken House added that this change has clearly demonstrated the brand’s goal and guideline in its next journey of serving customers, which is “We respect simplicity”. These are included: simple, close, friendly, easy to remember, easy to name.

This simplicity is also reflected in the less seasoning recipes to show respect to the food authenticity and ingredients’ freshness; in well-connected restaurant design style and friendly customer service. Using this message, the brand wishes to inspire customers towards simpler lifestyles, reducing unnecessary fussiness, focusing on many important things, and improving the quality of daily life.

To tackle with the impact of Covid-19 which initiated changes in the trend of consumption habits and behaviors, the restaurant chain has step by step transformed their business model to adapt. Of which the key highlight is the launching of a website that accepts delivery orders at this address. Accordingly, with just a few simple steps on a computer or phone, customers can choose and order food for delivery. The system also records points and then refunds to member customers.

“Kampong has received many positive feedbacks from customers about its professional delivery service, environmentally friendly packaging while food quality was maintained as enjoyable as served at our restaurants,” said a representative of Kampong Chicken House.

Kampong Chicken House is one of the famous restaurant chains in Hanoi, specializing in authentic Singaporean Hainanese chicken rice and unique dishes from free-range chicken meat. In particular, the restaurant’s iconic Hainanese chicken rice which is often called “Kampong Chicken Rice” has left pleasant smile and long lasting impression in customers’ heart and mind.