Born in April 2015 with the initial name Kampong Chicken House, we have been following the quick service Asian restaurant concept which ideally suits modern societies. Since our establishment, Kampong Chicken House has been very well known by our customers to be the first restaurant that specializes in serving authentic Singaporean Hainanese Chicken Rice.The unique point that makes us different from others is that Kampong Chicken House always use fresh free-range chicken for the best tasting meat that is served along with daily-made fresh sauces. Besides, green and clean restaurant space, professional services and a diverse menu featuring free-range chicken dishes cooked in modern Asian style are things that by far impressed all customers who have visited Kampong Chicken House.

On June 29th 2021, after 6 years of operation, a new brand recognition of KAMPONG has been officially introduced to customers: more simple, more easy to remember and better connected to our customers.


High food quality that satisfy most customers’ taste.


The staff are all experienced, well and properly trained.


Suitable for individual customers, famiies, parties, meetings, large customer groups...*

'From farm to table' Model

In order to bring the best quality meals to customers, Kampong has built a ‘farm-to-table’ model that aims to be self-sufficient in materials supply and quality control. The restaurant’s associated chicken farm covers an area site of ​​2 hectares, and the production output can reach 15,000 chickens per year. Here, we choose to raise pure Vietnamese chicken breeds with small size but delicious, juicy and nicely tough meat (after 4-5 months of farming, chicken’s average weight ranges only from 1.2 to 1.3 kg). The chicken are fed with standard quality farming feed in the first 3 months and with natural organic food mixed by the farm in the next 2 months. The use of drugs is also carefully considered by the farm: Besides full vaccination, we prioritize natural products to enhance chicken’s immunity system including mixture of ginger, garlic and turmeric; or other Vietnamese herbs.

Our story

The Kampong Chicken House brand was born simply from a female TV editor’s passion for food and special love for Chicken Rice. But it was not just an ordinary restaurant built to satisfy the founder’s passion, Kampong Chicken House was properly invested and run in a decent and professional way which is expected to become one of the best restaurant chain that offers specialized chicken menu in Vietnam.